Making your own digital stories

Students (and teachers) love making up and sharing stories especially when technology is involved. There are so many amazing web-based tools out there to use to create your own digital story.

There is a great sense of satisfaction involved when you see the story play on the screen and many of the sites allow you to share what you have created so what a delight for any parent to see an invite to come and read, and watch, their child’s story. Plus, what a great way to encourage students in the class to read when they get to read each other’s stories!

Can’t find a book that support what you are doing in the classroom? Make your own! Or put a poem or ryhme into a story form to share with your students.

I have tried all of the sites I have listed below and really found them easy to use and they are all free! Well, unless you want a hard copy of your masterpiece.

I recommend you have a look at:

  Storybird – lovely art work to use, or upload your own. Lots of stories to share with your students.

  Storyjumper – much like storybird and step by step instructions

  Myths and Legends – British site that has stories based on the many myths and legends from  the British Isles to share as well as a space to create your own.

  Little Bird Tales – currently only approved for teachers but any books you create can be used at school on your IWB

  Zooburst – a fun site that allows you to create amazing 3D books.


National Year of Reading

Did you know that 2012 is the National Year of Reading? What a great focus for the school year! Reading skills are so important and impact on all other aspects of literacy plus the love of reading continues to enrich our lives well after we leave school. How are you going to celebrate the National Year of Reading with your students?

There are already some great ideas out there on how to use this focus in the classroom which I have links to here. I would also LOVE to hear your ideas, too.

The official site

The Daily Cafe – Check out the Daily 5!

Reading is Fundamental

Storytime Online – great stories read by professional actors

Love Dr Seuss? Then checkout Seusville!

Reading Rockets – nice site with lots of ideas to encourage reluctant readers.

The Book Chook – great ideas for reading and literacy from teacher’s perspective

The Reading Resource – a great site for all things reading – from fluency to comprehension

ReadWorks – very comprehensive site for all facets of learning to read as well as comprehension

The NSW DEC is also right behind the National Year of Reading – Check out this link to see what is being organised. It also has great links to other sites to explore. Warning: This link and the link below might only work if you are logged in to a DEC computer.

Check out all the amazing reading activities on TaLe, such as Online Stories for Interactive Whiteboards. Plus there are lots of links to authors reading from their novels and what a great way to introduce students to books they might like to borrow from the library.

Happy Reading!