Spelling Games, Activities and Strategies

Spelling is a key component in any Literacy Program and is, as you know, one of the strands of Literacy tested via NAPLAN. We all have our tried and true methods of teaching spelling in our classrooms – weekly spelling lists, look cover write, etc. But what else is out there? How can I use technology to support and consolidate a student’s skills in spelling? Are there any other spelling strategies I could use that would support what I am already doing?

With that in mind, please have a look at the resources below. Maybe you know of all of these and maybe you already use some of these in your classsroom…but maybe you don’t and it is certainly hard to find time to spend hours to search the internet and other places for inspiration.

KidsSpell.com – free games using their lists or yours. Graded and unblocked by DEC


SpellingCity.com – different levels of membership but the basic, and free, level allows you to create your own lists which are then used for a whole variety of games. Great for all ages and again unblocked by the DEC.



  Spelling Connections – this is another great, free and unblocked site, where teachers can create class accounts  quickly and easily. The thing I like about this site is that the games and activities also involve sentence work and even proof reading. This is well worth checking out.


Woodlands Literacy Zone – an amazing variety of spelling, phonics, and quizzes for all grades and abilities. Many a great to use with an IWB. Again, completed unblocked for student use.

PBS Kids – PBS create some amazing resources for students and this is no exception, especially for lower to middle primary. Again, completely unblocked.



BBC Spellits – If you haven’t checked out the BBC education sites, this is a good place to start. Graded activities and visually appealing. Once again, unblocked.


Study Ladder – an Australian site that has excellent resources in a range of areas, including spelling of course. You need to login but is free to join and again it is unblocked. This site is definitely worth a visit.

Spelling strategies:

21 Interesting Ways to Support Spelling in the Classroom

Tasmanian Dept of Ed

Spelling Ideas

I Love that Teaching Idea

Williamstown PS, Victoria

PLEASE make a comment if you found any of these useful or if you have other sites, ideas and resources that you are having success with in the classroom.