The Power of Social Media and Literacy

If you haven’t already joined twitter then you should! Twitter is not what the media make it out to be. It is not about a lot of celebrities tweeting that they are drinking coffee etc, though you can follow these people if you want to. I prefer to follow teachers, educators, tech experts, university professors, poets, writers and basically anyone that can help me do my job as a teacher. My professional learning has grown exponentially since joining twitter four years ago. My knowledge wasn’t the only thing to grow, so did my enthusiasm for my profession. It is hard not to get excited about your job when you are connected with so many amazing educators who inspire you daily.

So what has all this got to do with Literacy? One of the joys of my current role is how many wonderful teachers I am meeting and working with. All of them are keen to use technology as part of their teaching toolkit to engage and challenge students to improve their literacy skills. The trouble is, who has the time to trawl the web to find all the  fantastic tools out there that can be used in the classroom via the IWB, the computer or tablet? This is where the power of social media, and particularly twitter can save you a heap of time. Together we can discover far more than when we explore solo. It is not just technology that is shared, so are lesson ideas and resources as well as the latest research on education and learning.

So if you join up, who should you follow on twitter? Well, you can follow me – @Madiganda and this will mean you see the people I chat with and to follow any of those people just click on their name and click follow when their profile page pops up. Easy! Some other people I would recommend  @vivimat78 , @thelitladies , @CornStik , @mitchsquires , @sarahjohanna , @johnqgoh as a great place to start for primary school teachers keen to join the twitter family.

Check out some of the recent offerings on twitter if you need proof on what you can get from joining twitter:

    The Literacy Shed – what an amazing find. Created by @redgierob (hint, his twitter name)

This site is full of different sheds linked to genres, concepts etc and each shed is full of resources.






Exploratree – this is a great site for graphic organisers that help with comprehension, summarising and planning.






Primary Eductech – a great site for literacy resources, links to other websites etc  They are on twitter – @primaryedutech



Want to find more great resources? Why not join up and then join in a chat with other teachers via #ozengchat or #ozprimschchat. Need more proof? Checkout this screen shot of the last #ozprimschchat :


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