Making your own digital stories

Students (and teachers) love making up and sharing stories especially when technology is involved. There are so many amazing web-based tools out there to use to create your own digital story.

There is a great sense of satisfaction involved when you see the story play on the screen and many of the sites allow you to share what you have created so what a delight for any parent to see an invite to come and read, and watch, their child’s story. Plus, what a great way to encourage students in the class to read when they get to read each other’s stories!

Can’t find a book that support what you are doing in the classroom? Make your own! Or put a poem or ryhme into a story form to share with your students.

I have tried all of the sites I have listed below and really found them easy to use and they are all free! Well, unless you want a hard copy of your masterpiece.

I recommend you have a look at:

  Storybird – lovely art work to use, or upload your own. Lots of stories to share with your students.

  Storyjumper – much like storybird and step by step instructions

  Myths and Legends – British site that has stories based on the many myths and legends from  the British Isles to share as well as a space to create your own.

  Little Bird Tales – currently only approved for teachers but any books you create can be used at school on your IWB

  Zooburst – a fun site that allows you to create amazing 3D books.